Great Big Squiddy Fun-a Baterz Tribute: Great Big Squiddy Fun-A Baterz Tribute

Title: Great Big Squiddy Fun-A Baterz Tribute
Label: The Can

One of Adelaide's most cherished entertainers is being recognized for his remarkable talents thanks to a massive CD tribute. Those who've turned out include some of the brighter stars of Australia's music scene (including Tex Perkins, Deborah Conway, James Cruickshank of the Cruel Sea and the Blow Waves). The 3 CD set Big Squiddy Fun/Baterz for Beginners is the work of Fizzygo Records, a label set up exclusively to keep the memory of Baterz and his much-loved music alive. Baterz was noted for being a striking and popular musician before his tragic passing in 2002 due to HIV infection during a routine blood transfusion. Baterz status as a cult figure is deservedly the stuff of legend. The inspired lunacy he delivered to audiences both as a solo artist and as member of mid-90s act the Bedridden and frankly hysterical cover band Skinny Blonde Idiots is still discussed with awe and longing today.

1.1 Darling - Deborah Conway ; Willy Zygier
1.2 Butterfly - Jamie Saxe
1.3 Zombie Girl - James Cruickshank
1.4 Rachel Cooper - Jet Ward
1.5 Babysitter - Guillaume Soloacoustic
1.6 Nothing Is Too Mundane - Dungeon Master and the Random Orchestra
1.7 Target's Air Conditioner - Totally Gourdgeous
1.8 In Your Dreams - Ovorigin
1.9 The Fishing Song - Little Ninja
1.10 Get Me a Fork - Soursob Bob
1.11 Ballad of Barnaby Ward - a Machine for Finding the Centre of the Earth
1.12 James Casper - Merri May Gill ; Glyn Lehmann
1.13 The Drowning of the Daddo Brothers - the Lonely Cosmonautes
1.14 Fifteen - Gyan
1.15 You're Not Cool - Mal Webb
1.16 Valiant - Aloysius Leeson
1.17 Morning After - the Blow Waves
1.18 On Come the Men - Mal Webb ; Debra Low (Handbag Deb, Queen of Frock Rock)
1.19 Ferral Nightmare - Mel Watson
1.20 April of the Dickheads - Tex Perkins
1.21 Agent of Satan - White Knuckle Fever
1.22 Anthem of the Crown ; Anchor - Mister Jon Crouch
1.23 Twee - Penelope Swales
1.24 Max the Human Skeleton - Wally Gunn
1.25 Goth - Cooperblack
1.26 Pole Sitter - Leigh Stardust
1.27 Better Not Be Comin' to Say Goodbye - Carl Pannuzzo
1.28 MC Narthy's Car - Kirsty Stegwazi
1.29 Foreign Objects Waltz - Mikelangelo ; Undine Francesca
1.30 Eliot - Andy Wiffler
1.31 Ufo's - Home for the Def
1.32 Spidermother - Joel, Tom, Mikey ; the Wankers
1.33 Giant Squids - the Cockatoo Valley Song Group Vs. Adam Hardcastle
1.34 Zombie Girl - Baterz (Out of Hell)
1.35 Target's Air Conditioner - Baterz (Out of Hell)
1.36 James Casper - Baterz (Goth)
1.37 Ufos - the Bedridden)"I Told You It Wouldn't Work")
1.38 Fifteen - Baterz (Live-To-Air, Three D Radio 01/04/2001)
1.39 Spidermother - Baterz (Out of Hell)
1.40 Butterfly - Baterz (Out of Hell)
1.41 The Fishing Song - the Bedridden (Scala - a Decent Meal 1990)
1.42 Goth - Baterz (Live ; Well)
1.43 Song for Zeek - Baterz (The Yellow Single)
1.44 You're Not Cool - Baterz (Out of Hell)
1.45 Valiant - Baterz (Out of Hell)
1.46 Nothing Is Too Mundane - Baterz (Live ; Well)
1.47 Morning After - Baterz (Out of Hell)
1.48 Darling - Baterz (Out of Hell)
1.49 Giant Squids - Baterz (Out of Hell)

Great Big Squiddy Fun-a Baterz Tribute: Great Big Squiddy Fun-A Baterz Tribute

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