Greentrials: Where Eaglets Dare

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Greentrials

Title: Where Eaglets Dare
Label: CD Baby

Greentrials (aka Brook R. Long) songs are miniaturized epics--music salvaged from the scrap heap of the past by a keen sense for melodies that haunt you to your grave, a perverse genius for aggrandized arrangements, and a fantastical, narrative lyrical sense. Genres are not bent but woven. Greentrials blends diverse styles with a soft touch and a twisted sensibility that renders each song eerily strange yet achingly familiar. The figural music of rock's history is here transubstantiated into literal music that seduces with every trick in the book. And each long-lost anthem filters through a 'bigger is smaller' production ethic that weds overblown symphonic embellishments, bedroom tinkering, and a solid bass-line to get you on your feet. Where Eaglets Dare elevates the four-track wizardry of Green Trials This Summer to a sweeping, orchestral assurance. Made with an ad hoc assortment of home recording equipment, it swings effortlessly from the organic grandeur of Bjork to the radio-pastiche of Joni Mitchell, with the taut songwriting to back the production bombast. It's a dream radio picking up an otherworldly top-forty, celebrating the histrionic lives we might like to live. Songs about the apocalypse, witches, pagans, teenage madness, and lovers torn apart by a telephone in hock. Catchy tunes about ancient evils.

1.1 Tin Gloves
1.2 Get Together
1.3 The Coven
1.4 Some Battleground
1.5 Dull Knife
1.6 Pagan Cities
1.7 Descent
1.8 Heartlight
1.9 Sweet Intentions
1.10 Rented Clothes

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