Greg Dember

Greg Dember: I Don't Know I Think I Fell from the Sky

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Greg Dember

Title: I Don't Know I Think I Fell from the Sky
Label: CD Baby

Following up on \'Planets Of Plenty\' which he recorded with his defunct band CHIEFLY, Seattle\'s Greg Dember, now presenting simply under his own name, has put out another record full of piano, strings, trumpets, rock-band, quirk, hauntingly honest vocals, romantic and spiritual questioning, and a lurking but ultimately triumphant sense of self-acceptance. \'I Don\'t Know I Think I Fell From The Sky\' is a musical statement that is both personal and universal in it's scope, drawing on an indie-rock vocabulary with classic elements thrown in. Top-notch drumming by James McAlister (Sufjan Stevens) adds both intricacy and power, as does the thorough involvement of producer/guitarist Matt Brown (Trespassers William). While a talented cast of supporting musicians, building on the core, creates a consistent sonic palette, the songs are shaped by quite a variety of styles: piano/guitar rock ballad, electronica, post-rock improvization, Wurlitzer-driven light-industrial pop, Ben-Foldsian piano punk and more. \'I Don\'t Know I Think I Fell From The Sky\' definitely rewards repeated listening.

1.1 Parachute
1.2 Balloon
1.3 Boxes
1.4 Ninety-Four
1.5 Transportation
1.6 Imaginary Friend
1.7 Big Me Little Me
1.8 Caroline
1.9 Thermostat
1.10 Penelope's Place
1.11 Hold Still
1.12 From There to Here

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