Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett: I Believe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Greg Garrett

Title: I Believe
Label: CD Baby

This music is snap shots of my life. I started playing guitar at 12, started writing at 18, feel in love at 20, married at 23, had my first daughter at 25, second daughter at 30 and finish my first CD at 50. All this music is about love, truth, joy and gratitude. I promise to flavor the next one with sorrow, heart break and loneliness. This CD has been edited, if only life were as easy! The whole experience of finally putting these songs together is such a joy. The musicians that helped out were the best in Chicago! It made me feel honored to have them play my music. I've always love music and have used it throughout the years as my own source of therapy. Hopefully you will relate to the experiences sung about in this compilation.

1.1 You Gave Me My Eyes
1.2 Lauren's Song
1.3 Dear Ruth
1.4 Legacy
1.5 Baby Dawn
1.6 Mom
1.7 Bigger Than Life
1.8 Don't Give Up
1.9 Mother Earth, Father Sky
1.10 Looking for the Light
1.11 Heaven
1.12 Lydia
1.13 The Wedding
1.14 I Believe

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