Greg Kihn: Best Of Beserkley '75-'84

Greg Kihn: Best Of Beserkley &
Title: Best Of Beserkley '75-'84
Label: Riot Records

Features 19 Greg Kihn remastered original hits drawn from Greg's eight-of-nine full-length Beserkley Records studio albums, including the Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'em Like That), Jeopardy, Happy Man and Reunited, along with two tribute tracks to Bruce Springsteen (long considered one of Greg's biggest musical influences), Rendezvous and for You.

1.1 All the Right Reasons
1.2 Any Other Woman
1.3 Madison Avenue Man
1.4 For You
1.5 Remember
1.6 Sorry
1.7 Rendezvous
1.8 In the Naked Eye
1.9 Moulin Rouge
1.10 The Breakup Song
1.11 Valerie
1.12 Can't Stop Hurting Myself
1.13 When the Music Starts
1.14 Happy Man
1.15 Every Love Song
1.16 Testify
1.17 Jeopardy
1.18 Tear That City Down
1.19 Someday
1.20 Love Never Fails
1.21 Reunited

Greg Kihn: Best Of Beserkley '75-'84

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