Greg Pope: Pop Motion Animation

Greg Pope: Pop Motion Animation
Title: Pop Motion Animation
Label: CD Baby

'It's always a good day when Greg Pope releases an album, as his body of work as both a solo artist and as frontman of Edmund's Crown is some of the very best power pop of the last decade. And while the adage 'brevity is the soul of wit' is true, brevity is also the soul of power pop, and Pope never outstays his welcome as the 11 tracks here clock in around 28 minutes and leave you wanting more. The opener 'Partner in Crime' might be his best opening track since Popmonster's 'Sky Burn Down' with it's staccato guitar riffs and crunchy melody, while 'More Like You' is 1:44 of breezy guitar pop. Meanwhile, 'The Mattress' is a southern-styled power pop stomp that's right out of Terry Anderson's playbook with it's imagery of losing a mattress off a truck, 'Don't Wait' is an acoustic guitar-propelled mid-tempo gem, and 'Cloud and Thunder' is a gentle, lovely near-ballad that shows Pope can pull off the slow numbers as well as the rockers. And one could almost view the Police-influenced 'Meanwhile Back at the Office' as a sequel or allusion to his last Edmund's Crown record, Regrets of a Company Man. All in all, The Pope of Power Pop has delivered again.' All songs composed, performed and produced by Greg Pope. Mastered by Doug Diamond, Diamonddisc Audio. Recorded Summer 2013 at Octoberville Studios, Franklin Tn.

1.1 Partner in Crime
1.2 More Like You
1.3 The Mattress
1.4 Don't Wait
1.5 Cloud and Thunder
1.6 The Yeti
1.7 Rebel Inside
1.8 Playing Along
1.9 The Hope of Escape
1.10 Meanwhile Back at the Office
1.11 She Might

Greg Pope: Pop Motion Animation

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