Greg Wicks

Greg Wicks: One

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Artist: Greg Wicks

Artist: Greg Wicks
Title: One

This album represents some of the earliest work by composer Greg Wicks, with compositions dating from 1999 and 2000.

1.1 Flight of the Mythomaniacs
1.2 A Glimmer of Hope
1.3 Who Thinks About Cheese Graters?
1.4 It Rode a Complicated Spoon
1.5 The Unknown Terror
1.6 Invaders from Space
1.7 Remembrances
1.8 Escape from the Darkness
1.9 Should I Attack Gaul?
1.10 Into the Light
1.11 We Elected a Hungry Ferret
1.12 The Growing Evil
1.13 Celestial Dawn

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