Gregorian Chant

Gregorian Chant: Gregorian Chant

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Artist: Gregorian Chant

Artist: Gregorian Chant
Title: Gregorian Chant

1.1 Introit on the Friday Before Whitsun: Repleatur Os Meum Laude Tua
1.2 Invitatory on the Feast of All Saints (Psalm 94): Regem Regum Dominum - Venite Exsultemus
1.3 Laudes Hymn on Sundays in the Summer: Ecce Iam Noctis
1.4 Kyrie Trope of the Mass de Angelis: Kyrie - Rex Aeterno
1.5 Easter Hymn: Aurora Lucis Rutilat
1.6 Great Responsory on the Feast of Christ the King: Tua Est Potentia
1.7 Processional Hymn: Salve Festa Dies
1.8 Whitsun Hymn: Veni Sancte Spiritus
1.9 Movement of An Ambrosian Mass: Gloria in Excelsis Deo
1.10 Antiphon and Psalm 116: Pacem Relinquo Vobis - Laudate Dominium Omnes Gentes
1.11 Inviolata Integra Et Casta Es Maria
1.12 Antiphon and Canticle of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Magnificat Anima Mea Domium
1.13 Marian Ntiphon and Trope: Salve Regina Misericordiae
1.14 Hymn on the Feast of St. John: Coelestis Aulae Nuntius
1.15 Hymn of St. John (Solmization): Ut Queant Laxis
1.16 Sequence on the Feast of St. Benedict: Laeta Quies Magni Ducis
1.17 Two-Part Kyrie 'Magnae Deus Potentiae': Kyrie Eleison
1.18 Antiphon and Verse from Psalm 122: Da Pacem, Domine, in Diebus Nostris

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