Gregory Abbott

Gregory Abbott: Eyes Whispers Rhythm Sex

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Artist: Gregory Abbott

Artist: Gregory Abbott
Title: Eyes Whispers Rhythm Sex

From the sensuous 'I Like What You Do', the romantic and powerful 'Rhythm Rhyme', the new age 'Eleven Eleven' and pop/reggae cover of 'Handyman', to the closing 'Wrap It Up' (a one man vocal odyssey), Gregory Abbott seems to have a knack for blending themes, rhythms and vocals seamlessly into one smooth cohesive experience. Abbott's 'eyes, whispers... is Infectious, sultry, seductive' ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE 'Abbott has the soul of Al Green, the movie star good-looks of Denzel and the man can sing!' BLACK RADIO EXCLUSIVE 'When Gregory Abbott sings people listen' PEOPLE MAGAZINE.

1.1 8 Days a Week
1.2 Sexual
1.3 Handyman
1.4 I Like What You Do
1.5 He Said, She Said
1.6 You Understand (Interlude)
1.7 Eleven Eleven
1.8 Seasons Change
1.9 Rhythm Rhyme
1.10 Do the Caribbean
1.11 New Millennium (Interlude)
1.12 Paradise
1.13 Hardtimez
1.14 Without You
1.15 Wrap It Up

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