Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs: Cool Ruler

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gregory Isaacs

Title: Cool Ruler
Label: EMI Europe Generic

1.1 Hail Artical Don
1.2 My Pride Don't Let Me
1.3 First Degree Murder
1.4 Galore
1.5 Ghetto Celebrity
1.6 Bus' Your Gun Just for Fun
1.7 No Have No Money
1.8 Just Want to Get Red
1.9 You Make Me Feel Good
1.10 I'll Meet You at the Station
1.11 Step Across My Corner
1.12 I'll Never Trust You Again
1.13 Look and You'll See
1.14 Good Thing Going
2.1 No Luck
2.2 New Contract
2.3 Heartache
2.4 Guilty for Your Love
2.5 What Will Your Momma Say
2.6 All the Stores Are Closed
2.7 Madly in Love with Sharon
2.8 Meet Me at the Same Spot
2.9 We Don't Pet Sound Boys
2.10 Make a Track
2.11 Village
2.12 Rock on
2.13 Don't Believe in Him

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