Grenadier: Hand Offensive

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Grenadier

Title: Hand Offensive
Label: CD Baby

'DeKalb, Illinois is a university town somewhere between the rural soybean and corn fields and the Chicago suburbs. It's one of those odd loci where the progressive meets the conservative - and anything might happen. The aural proof of this phenomenon can be found in this notable independent offering from a trio that calls this place home. These talented veterans of the mid-'90s Chicago rock scene are Jeremy Heroldt (vocals, guitar, bass and keys), Mark Mattson (guitar, vox, bass, banjo, keys) and Craig Swafford (drums, vocals, horns, vox, guitar, keys and more). As a unit known as Grenadier, they lob 11 potent homemade musical grenades that explode in a variety of styles, presenting Jeremy's song mix in an eclectic fashion, much like his hero Robert Pollard has done with Guided By Voices releases before. Freed from the pressure of paying for studio time, these three create an odd but richly compelling musical tapestry that unwinds with knowing ease.' Gary Glauber, Pop Matters.

1.1 Death Ray
1.2 Easily Swallowed
1.3 Karma See Thru
1.4 Boys of Rage
1.5 Turdler
1.6 Powerless
1.7 Gods of Gravity
1.8 Way Too Close
1.9 Smile Away Pt. 2
1.10 Sucker List
1.11 Listen Now

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