Greyhound George

Greyhound George: Cleaning Up

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Product Type: CD

Title: Cleaning Up
Label: CD Baby

I've only met Greyhound George once or twice, so I don't yet know his story. Listening to his latest recording I think, yeah, nice, relaxed voice, beautiful playing and a great touch with the slide, which is all good and well. But in the end maybe these things don't matter so much. What matters the most to me is that he wrote almost all of these songs himself. And that's what they are, songs. And I have the distinct impression that he's telling his own story, and that's where blues, or any good music comes from. And maybe that's one of the hardest things to learn how to do. Good one George! (Dave Goodman) Cool songs, strong vocals, greasy lowdown guitar and cool harp! (Joe Filisko)

1.1 Black Cat Bone
1.2 Showtime
1.3 Low Down Blues
1.4 New Walking Blues
1.5 Cleaning Up
1.6 Fred
1.7 Mystery Train
1.8 Hellhound on My Trail
1.9 George's Guitar Rag (Not Funny)
1.10 Maybell
1.11 Old Man's Blues
1.12 Queen of Saccharine
1.13 What a Man's Got to Do
1.14 Greyhound's Blues
1.15 Good Year for the Blues

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