Grim Reality Entertainment: New Breed

Grim Reality Entertainment: New Breed
Title: New Breed
Label: CD Baby

Grim Reality Entertainment presents this compilation of brand new music featuring a whole new roster of artists. Feature artists include: JP Tha Hustler, Nekro G, Slyzwicked, Twocees, Jay Spark, Mad Choppa and Insane Poetry. All songs produced by JP Tha Hustler and published under Insane Hustler Music Publishing (ASCAP). © 2011 Grim Reality Entertainment, LLC.

1.1 New Breed (Feat. JP Tha Hustler, VD, Nekro G ; Twocees)
1.2 Firewater (Feat. JP Tha Hustler ; VD)
1.3 Pop Off (Feat. JP Tha Hustler, VD, Dirty Charlie ; Nino Badapple)
1.4 Gre Is Hip-Hop (Feat. JP Tha Hustler ; VD)
1.5 In the Streets (Feat. Stogie, JP Tha Hustler, Nekro G ; VD)
1.6 Boiling Point (Feat. Nekro G, Slyzwicked ; Jay Spark)
1.7 213 to Tha Ie (Feat. VD, JP Tha Hustler ; Nekro G)
1.8 War (Feat. JP Tha Hustler)
1.9 Army of Darkness (Feat. Nekro G)
1.10 We Get It in (Extended Mix) (Feat. JP Tha Hustler, VD, Nekro G ; Insane Poetry)
1.11 Mutation of the Soul (Feat. Dark Lyricist, JP Tha Hustler ; Insane Poetry)
1.12 Party Time (Feat. VD ; Dirty Charlie)
1.13 Drinks Up (Feat. JP Tha Hustler)
1.14 White Devil (Feat. Freaks)
1.15 Real Talk (Feat. Spek One ; Twocees ; VD)
1.16 Who Did It (Feat. JP Tha Hustler, VD ; Nekro G)
1.17 Hot Spot (Feat. VD)
1.18 West Kills It (Feat. Nekro G ; Mad Choppa)
1.19 Hypnotiq (Feat. JP Tha Hustler ; Taab Frio)

Grim Reality Entertainment: New Breed

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