Grinder: Down for the Living

Grinder: Down for the Living
Title: Down for the Living
Label: Divebomb

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the German thrash metal band's debut album including four bonus tracks and a new essay and archival photos provided by the band members themselves. Dawn For The Living has been out of print for nearly 20 years and was originally fetching high dollar collector prices online until bootleg copies began to circulate within the European market. Divebomb Records and the members of Grinder have partnered up to take on these illegal activities directly by issuing a band-approved deluxe edition reissue. During the height of the worldwide thrash movement there were several epicenters of activity. While New York and the Bay Area were perhaps the most prominent, Germany's big three; Sodom, Kreator and Destruction were leading the charge on the European front. However, what some thrash fans may not be aware of is that there was a secondary stratum to that scene which had some phenomenal, albeit lesser known, acts recording some ambitious material. Grinder were one of those bands who released three albums worth of "in your face" thrash/speed metal during their brief existence.

1.1 Obsession
1.2 Dawn for the Living
1.3 Sinners Exile
1.4 Magician
1.5 Frenzied Hatred
1.6 Dying Flesh
1.7 Delirium
1.8 Traitor
1.9 F.O.A.D
1.10 Traitor (Live) Bonus Track
1.11 Just Another Scar (Live) Bonus Track
1.12 Dawn for the Living (Live) Bonus Track
1.13 F.O.A.D. (Live) Bonus Track

Grinder: Down for the Living

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