Groanbox: Guts, Lungs & Bones

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Groanbox

Title: Guts, Lungs & Bones
Label: CD Baby

Groanbox wrote, rehearsed, and recorded all of the material for their latest release, Guts, Lungs & Bones, in a cottage perched at the bottom of a green, sheep-flecked and brook-bordered hill in the Scottish Lowlands over a period of ten days in August 2011. Recorded live with producer/engineer Oscar Cainer at the helm, the album features ten original compositions and one traditional number, Death Don't Have No Mercy. This time around the sounds are dirtier, with the accordion and guitars plugged in and turned up, and the percussive booms and clangs emerging from deeper within the junkyard. The influence of old New Orleans, studio and street, is as hot as coffee from Cafe du Monde in tunes like Po' Boy, Erol the Turk, and Candlelight Lounge.  Unafraid to journey out of the delta, the band hit it hard for the Cubanesque Cimarrón and recline with a hookah on the Moroccan flavoured Tamazight. The echoes of Highway 61 still purvey, from the Boubacar Traoré infused Death Don't Have No Mercy to the Cooder-esque Bunco Artist. More than ever, this recording proves that there is only one box that can contain such a wandering troubadour's soul: Groanbox. Guts, Lungs & Bones was recorded by Oscar Cainer, produced by Cainer and Groanbox, mastering by Andy Young and Oscar Cainer, album design/layout by Tom Baxendale. Photo by Oscar Cainer. Groanbox is: Paul Clifford: percussion, vocals Cory Seznec: guitars, banjos, harmonicas, percussion, vocals Michael Ward-Bergeman: accordions, rhythm harmonicas, percussion, vocals © 2011 Groanbox Records.

1.1 Po' Boy
1.2 Bunco Artist
1.3 Tamazight
1.4 Candlelight Lounge
1.5 Death Don't Have No Mercy
1.6 Running Down the Tiger
1.7 Cimarron
1.8 Dalmatian Blessed
1.9 Erol the Turk
1.10 Hell Roaring Creek
1.11 Misty Eyed Mama

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