Gross Reality: Overthrow

Gross Reality: Overthrow
Title: Overthrow
Label: Divebomb

GROSS REALITY's origins go as far back as 1991 when Daniel Powell (bass/vocals) and Jason Wheeler (drums) bonded over their mutual affinity for all things thrash metal. During the group's initial stages the line-up was never in-synch until guitarists' Roland Arthur and Shawn McCoy both joined their ranks. Once GROSS REALITY's core was solidified into a unified unit, the group gigged around North and South Carolina, opening for acts such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, BOLT THROWER, UNLEASHED, and local faves, CONFESSOR.In 1996, with the metal scene on the ropes, GROSS REALITY decided to call it a day. Normally, when a band throws in the towel they have a musical legacy they've left behind in some recorded form, but shockingly, GROSS REALITY never got a chance to release any recordings.Divebomb Records is changing that now.Reforming in 2009, GROSS REALITY quickly cleaned off the cobwebs and jumped right back into the fray, supporting the likes of DEATH ANGEL, EVILE and BONDED BY BLOOD. However, not wanting to repeat the errors of their youth, the band enlisted world renowned producer, and North Carolina native, Jamie King to oversee their long overdue debut album, Overthrow. Nearly 25 years in the making (or waiting depending on your perspective) GROSS REALITY delivers a relentlessly high-octane blast of thrash metal. Overthrow is a testament to the idea that it's never too late to truly hit your mark as a band.Divebomb Records Bootcamp Series provides an outlet for independent bands to get their previously "do it yourself" releases the attention they deserve.This is the new blood for the new breed! Are you ready to join the army?

1.1 Worthless Humans
1.2 Dirt Filled Skulls
1.3 Save Yourself
1.4 Generation 36
1.5 Haunting the Waters
1.6 13 O'Clock
1.7 I'm Absent
1.8 Human Resign
1.9 Sleep Into Dreams
1.10 Overthrow

Gross Reality: Overthrow

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