Gruesomes: Hey

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Artist: Gruesomes

Artist: Gruesomes
Title: Hey

Ricochet Sound is Proud to Present for the first time on CD HEY! The Essential 3rd LP by Canadian Garage-Punk/R+B Legends THE Gruesomes! HEY! Is the third in their 80's trilogy of LP releases. Originally issued in 1989 on OG Records. Also included as a Bonus the Infamous 1985 **GARAGE PAIL KIDS** DEMO'S. 22 Garage/R+B inspired numbers delivered with a patented Savage Punch. Yeah...Everything You have come to expect from THE Gruesomes! The Driving Rhythms of **Thanks for Nothing**, **It's all in Your mind** + **Nowhere** thru the Raw Emotions of **Out of Our Tree** and **So Far,So Bad**. The Free Spirited Instro Romp of the Title track **HEY!** + **EL Diablo** to the dark despair of **World of Darkness**. All of the 60's/70's Influences are Here culminating in the riveting R+B Rave-Up of **I Can Dig It!**. The bonus tracks feature the Infamous **Garbage Pail Kids** Demo's! Recorded on a 4 Track in 1985.....the Fuzz Drenched Scream of **Jack The Ripper*** + The Sonic Energy of **The Witch** along with the Pre-Tyrants of Teen trash version of **Bikers from Hell**,**I Try** + ** I Never Loved Her** Plus Their Classic Garage Gem **For All I Care** which appeared on **It Came from Canada, Vol,1**. Tasty Treats Indeed....Remixed + Remastered with Cool New Liner-Notes from WHATWAVE DAVE O'HALLORAN!! HEY! Is Not an Acquired Taste .....It is an Adrenaline Rush of SNOT, FUZZ and ABSOLUTE TRASH Creatively Crafted for the Minions as well as the Masses..............AAAAHHHH NOW YOU GET IT!!

1.1 Thanks for Nothing
1.2 It's All in Your Mind
1.3 Nowhere
1.4 What Am I Doing This For?
1.5 Tell Me How You Feel
1.6 Out of Our Tree
1.7 Hey!
1.8 Won't You Listen?
1.9 So Far, So Bad
1.10 Don't Waste My Time
1.11 World of Darkness
1.12 El Diablo
1.13 That Ain't Right
1.14 I Can Dig It
1.15 I Try [Demo Version]
1.16 Jack the Ripper [Original Demo]
1.17 The Witch [Demo Version]
1.18 I Never Loverd Her [Demo Version]
1.19 Bikers from Hell [Original Demo]
1.20 For All I Care [Original Version]
1.21 Radio Spot 1 (Ckcu Ottawa)
1.22 Radio Spot 2 (CKLN Toronto)

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