Gtrman: Tribal

Gtrman: Tribal
Title: Tribal
Label: CD Baby

Gtrman is DENNIS WILLIAMS. Long time guitar teacher, composer and fan of all things guitar. The nic-name a former student once gave him stuck and he's since been known as the Gtrman to all his students. Whether it's Sorrowful Blues, Brooding / Seething Anger, Joyful Exuberance or Quiet Introspective moments Gtrman delivers with exceptional performances, technique and passion. A self taught musician who learned from books, magazines and most importantly, by watching the guitar players and bands he idolized...Eddie Van Halen, Rik Emmett, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Boston, Metallica, Judas Priest, Dream Theater, and the guitarist Williams was most influenced by, George Lynch. The underlying reality of this music is that you cannot contrive music like this. This is truly the Personification of emotion, this is real, this is the Gtrman. A Spectacular first outing for a new Guitar sensation!

1.1 She's So Evil
1.2 Sands of Time
1.3 Sunrise and Sunset
1.4 The Way You Make Me Feel
1.5 Correr Con El Diablo
1.6 Me - 38
1.7 Soldiers Lament
1.8 Lonely Cadence
1.9 Sors Immanus Et Inanus
1.10 Comin' Home
1.11 Sadness
1.12 Fight the Good Fight
1.13 Canon in D

Gtrman: Tribal

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