Guess Who Jazz Quartet

Guess Who Jazz Quartet: Ready for Departure

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Title: Ready for Departure
Label: CD Baby

Guess Who Jazz Quartet, founded in 2012 and already recognized and respected in the Puerto Rico Jazz scene, represents the faces of a new generation of Puerto Rico Jazz virtuosos. It is a refreshing and a pleasant surprise to find teen musicians like the members of Guess Who Jazz Quartet. These young talented musicians chose the long and hard road of studying music, learn to play an instrument and be the best musicians they can be. The music selection of their first album, Ready for Departure, (Juan Tizol "Caravan", Pedro Flores "Querube", among others) and arrangements for this first album, reflects their diverse taste; Latin Jazz, Fusion Jazz, Hard Bop, Be Bop and Puerto Rico Folk Music. Edward Ortiz, Flute and Saxophone His love for the saxophone started at only four years old. Since then, professional musicians Rafael "Indio" Martinez and Norberto "Tiko" Ortiz have guided him. At only 14, and under his own desire and leadership, he creates Guess Who Jazz Quartet (GWJQ) with pianist Julio Boria. Despite his young age of only 16, GWJQ has already received numerous awards under his leadership including second place at the prestigious Berklee High School Jazz Festival and later he won a scholarship at Berklee's Summer Program in 2013. Other accolades include being named Puerto Rico's Youth Jazz Ambassadors by the local Foundation Friends of Jazz as well as participating at Berklee's College of Music academic program at the 2014 Panama Jazz Festival under the guidance of George Garzone. The publication of this first CD is only one more dream of a long list of ambitious projects that this Puerto Rican quartet leader and talented young musician has as the new generation of jazz performers sets stage to conquer the jazz world locally and abroad. Julio Boria, Piano Natural from the rich cultural municipality of Loiza, Puerto Rico, Julio Boria first learned to love the piano from his own father at age 12 and later grew under the wings of renowned pianist Amuny Nacer, from whom he learned to love jazz. Then, he was accepted to study classical piano under the tutelage of Everling Morlá and later of Professor Marcos Adorno at Escuela libre de Musica Ernesto Ramos Antonini. While at school, destiny joined the passion for music of Julio and Edward Ortiz inspiring them to create Guess Who Jazz Quartet. With this innovative jazz concept these youngsters represented their school at Berklee High School Jazz Festival in 2013 earning second place, where Julio was acknowledged with two additional accolades: the Judges' Choice Award and the Outstanding Performer Award. The 18 year old is currently studying in the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, the Island's premier music college, under the guidance of Professor Luis Marin. Laura Crespo, Drums Her love for the drums started as a teenager at only 14. Her professor Rigo Collazo started molding the talent of this young lady in a field often reserved for men. Quartet leader, Edward Ortiz, recognizing Laura's great passion for music (characteristic they share in common), invites Laura to join Guess Who. The win of Guess who at Berklee High School Jazz Festival in 2013 earning second place, opened a world of opportunities for this young drummer. Her dedication and hard work paid off winning a full tuition scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music this fall (2014). Laura also studied with Professor Andrew Lazaro at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, the Island's premier preparatory school and college. Her talents earned her a position with the U.S. Army Bands Program in which she is a member of the 319th Army Band in New York, NY after completing her training at the Armed Forces School Music. Talented, dedicated, disciplined, committed and brave, are the qualities that distinguishes this soldier and young Puerto Rican musician, which is certainly taking advantage of the music that runs in her blood via her parent's heritage and the guidance of many angels on her life. Richard Peña, Bass Started playing piano at only six years old, to later transfer his passion to the strings at age nine. He has already under his belt, eight years of studying his beloved guitar under the tutelage of Professor Giddel Gallisa at the Escuela Libre de Musica Ernesto Ramos Antonini, the Island's main music undergraduate school. His talent for music extends to other instruments including bass, piano, percussion (drum, cymbals), guitar and cuatro (string instrument from Puerto Rico). His interest in becoming part of Guess Who was so intense, that he learned to play bass by himself in order to apply for the opening available. Peña, also a composer, was recently awarded a partial scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music. Guess Who Jazz Quartet brings a refreshing sound and a promise of a bright future for Jazz music in Puerto Rico.

1.1 Welcome
1.2 Soñando Con Puerto Rico
1.3 Caravan
1.4 Sonar
1.5 Para Ti
1.6 Querube
1.7 Isora Club
1.8 Amanecer Borincano
1.9 Happy People

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