Kennard, Guthrie: Cross Your Heart

Guthrie Kennard: Cross Your Heart
Title: Cross Your Heart
Artist: Kennard, Guthrie
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 845121055979
Genre: Rock

Like the wandering route of a twisted back road soul stirred with voices seldom heard, so goes the lyrical life of local singer/songwriter Guthrie Kennard. Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1951, Guthrie heard the call of the road early on. Departing his birth state at the age of fourteen, he set out on a path that would ultimately bring him to Texas- the place he's called home since 1971. Never one to contain himself to one place for too long, Kennard has toured the world with some of the best in the music industry and has returned to his Texas home with something unique from each of his travels. Guthrie Kennard is refreshingly real. The authenticity he brings to his music can only be achieved by having lived that experience and he invites listeners into his world of poetic introspection by way of his lyrics. In a world filled with clichéd music and fast breaks, Guthrie Kennard's style remains undiluted. An afternoon or evening spent in his company is much like a ride down the red dirt roads of east Texas-bumpy and wild; unadulterated and serene. His music is a roadmap to the soul. His stories are dusky and raw; paved in gravel and grit. ~ Linda Shelar / journalist for The Senior Voice.

1.1 Baton Rouge
1.2 Blue Ridge
1.3 Cross Your Heart
1.4 Deacon Dillon
1.5 Forever Yours
1.6 Lightin'n Thunder
1.7 Living in These Times
1.8 Never Heard An Angel Cry
1.9 I Am a Private
1.10 Poet's Lament
1.11 The Poet
1.12 Trouble

Kennard, Guthrie: Cross Your Heart


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