Gutterpups: No More Broken Vessels

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gutterpups

Title: No More Broken Vessels
Label: CD Baby

'No more Broken Vessels is the cry of one who knows what it means to be broken'. 'Been there, done that, she exclaims: now it's time for the world to understand the revelation of the miracle of wholeness.' This native Detroiter is appointed and anointed to sing, and write music that touches the soul of man. 'The soul of the man (man's mind, will, and emotions) is where the life of each person is formed then expressed through the manifestation of everyday life'. Her music has a mission: the mission is not just to move your body, but to change the mind of the people from the negative mindsets of hopelessness, and unbelief, to the positive mindset of undying hope and unwavering faith in God that brings about victory in everday life. Kristal was exposed to all types of music, and has been singing since the age of three. Although over the years she has sung behind many of Gospel Music's greatest (James Cleveland, Thomas Whitfield, Douglas Miller and many others), she is great in her on rights. An awesome singer and songwriter, arranger, dancer, actress, artist; keep watching she's also a musician. She's waited in line and now it's her time to shine for God. 'I have been blessed to have been given so many opportunities to share my gift in the presence of so many great artists, and become apart of their vision. Now I can express what's in me, not just sing what somebody else wrote, and it feels good.' ' Hearing what God conceived in me come alive to tape is so exciting, and knowing that lives are being changed because of it is the icing on the cake.' Raised on the Word of God, called to the ministry at age 16, Kristal firmly believes that it is under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost that music melodies are created and come alive. Her music is not just words to music, but it is The Living Word of God that provokes change in the lives of people. As you enjoy her unique musical expression you'll wanna dance, sing, laugh, and even cry. Her music is a constant reminder of the hope and love of God to his creation. Her music is a collaboration of many styles. She is unwilling to label it's sound because 'all music belongs to the Lord, it was created by him and for the express purpose of glorifying his name.' Joining the roster of many great Christian and secular artists, she knows what her mandate is. Her mandate is reaching souls of the lost for the Kingdom of God, and igniting the Body of Christ to become a church without walls. The Word of God is her lyrical inspiration and motivation. Kristal is taking the Word of God to the streets without compromise. Her debut C.D. 'No More Broken Vessels' is a musical experience you won't forget.

1.1 Rain
1.2 Broken Vessels (No More)
1.3 Heaven
1.4 Thanks
1.5 You Love Me
1.6 Bow Down
1.7 Living Without You
1.8 Always Somebody
1.9 Rain Remix
1.10 Always Edit
1.11 Katzenjammer
1.12 Tigglynts
1.13 Shivering Leaves
1.14 Toast
1.15 Fox
1.16 Fox Hunt
1.17 Draft Horse Pub
1.18 Thann
1.19 Ghost of the Northern Sea

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