Guy Meredith

Guy Meredith: Home Cookin

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Artist: Guy Meredith

Artist: Guy Meredith
Title: Home Cookin

1.1 It's Not What You Think
1.2 Only If We Hold on
1.3 Nothin' Is Easy When You're in Love
1.4 When It Was All Brand New
1.5 How Sweet It Is to Be with You
1.6 You've Got Somethin'
1.7 What a Way to End the Day
1.8 What's the Rush?
1.9 So Say the Things You Want to Say
1.10 Robin
1.11 Now It's Time for Love
1.12 Now in My Life
1.13 Morning
2.1 Just Got Into Town
2.2 Let's Just Call It a Day
2.3 As You Softly Leave
2.4 But You Say It's Over
2.5 Can't Time Stand Still One More Night
2.6 Midnight Lover
2.7 It's Been a Long, Long Time
2.8 It Wasn't the Moment
2.9 What a Joyous Sound to Be Heard
2.10 The Kind You Hope Will Never Ever End
2.11 The Day That I Saw You
2.12 Just Keep on Givin' All Your Love
2.13 Light Sorbet'

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