Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce: Broken Bones

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Artist: Guy Pearce

Artist: Guy Pearce
Title: Broken Bones

2014 debut solo album from the ever-talented Aussie actor Guy Pearce. In an international movie career spanning more than 25 years, Pearce's identity as an actor of some caliber is firmly established. There has always been a musical thread running through his career in films including Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. L.A. Confidential. Memento. The Hurt Locker. The King's Speech & Mildred Pearce to name a few. Since appearing in the acclaimed Aussie soap opera Neighbors, which in it's '80s zenith spawned a high-profile spate of slashies (actor/singers). Pearce attempted to suppress his own musicality."Every time I mentioned making music I would receive a lot of eye rolling about the number of actors out there releasing songs. And so I had a real reluctance to confront the world with what I did privately." But he will not suppress it anymore!

1.1 Overflow
1.2 Storm
1.3 I Can Be Some Good
1.4 Golden Heart
1.5 Broken Bones
1.6 Taste
1.7 Fly All the Way
1.8 Leader All the Way
1.9 Someone Else
1.10 Thank Your Lucky Stars for Light

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