Gwar: America Must Be Destroyed [Reissue] [With DVD] [Digipak]

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Artist: Gwar

Artist: Gwar
Title: America Must Be Destroyed [Reissue] [With DVD] [Digipak]

This reissue includes the seminal GWAR feature video/movie releases Phallus in Wonderland and Tour de Scum. This title carries a parental advisory.

1.1 Ham on the Bone
1.2 Crack in the Egg
1.3 Gor-Gor
1.4 Have You Seen Me?
1.5 The Morality Squad
1.6 America Must Be Destroyed
1.7 Gilded Lily
1.8 Poor Ole Tom
1.9 Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good
1.10 Blimey
1.11 The Road Behind
1.12 Pussy Planet
2.1 Crack the Egg [DVD]
2.2 Have You Seen Me? [DVD]
2.3 The Road Behind [DVD]
2.4 The Morality Squad [DVD]
2.5 Gor-Gor [DVD]
2.6 Ham on the Bone [DVD]
2.7 Salaminizer [DVD][Live]
2.8 Crack in the Egg [DVD][Live]
2.9 Love Surgery [DVD][Live]
2.10 Maggots [DVD][Live]
2.11 Horror of Yg [DVD][Live]
2.12 Have You Seen Me? [DVD][Live]
2.13 Sexicutioner [DVD][Live]
2.14 Morality Squad [DVD][Live]
2.15 Gwar Theme [DVD][Live]
2.16 Slaughterama [DVD][Live]
2.17 Gor-Gor [DVD][Live]

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