Gypsy Queen Carousel Organ: World's Most Famous French Gasparini Carousel Orga

Gypsy Queen Carousel Organ: World&
Title: World's Most Famous French Gasparini Carousel Orga
Label: CD Baby

This is a mid 1800's Gasparini organ, once playing from a pinned cylinder many years ago, and later changed to a play a 52 key cardboard book of music. Five unusual figures adorn the front Four lady bell-ringers act as newel posts and the central figure is a Director of noblie military bearing. This striking Gasparini was formerly used on a small carousel in Paris, France, but before that it was owned by a group of Gypsies. They pled a small barge or punt along the canels, stopping to play the organ for the townspeople and those of the small settlements in the countryside. Listen to this marvelously restored machine recorded in top condition by Paul Eakins, pioneer collector and restorer of antique carousel organs.

1.1 Joseph Polka
1.2 Trits Trats Polka
1.3 Tumentias
1.4 Accordiante Waltz
1.5 When the Saints Go Marching in
1.6 Blue Danube
1.7 My Wild Irish Rose
1.8 San Antonio Rose
1.9 American Patrol
1.10 Under the Double Eagle
1.11 O' Dem Golden Slippers
1.12 Oh, Susanna
1.13 Turkey in the Straw
1.14 Dixie
1.15 Yankee Doodle
1.16 Darling Clementine
1.17 Over the River and Through the Woods
1.18 At a Georgia Camp Meeting
1.19 School Days
1.20 Suwanee River
1.21 Sidewalks of New York
1.22 The Yankee Doodle Boy
1.23 Battle Hymn of the Republic
1.24 In the Good Old Summertime
1.25 Take Me Out to the Ballgame
1.26 Sailing, Sailing
1.27 Old McDonald Had a Farm
1.28 In My Merry Oldsmobile/In My Flying Machine

Gypsy Queen Carousel Organ: World's Most Famous French Gasparini Carousel Orga

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