Gypsy Soul Trio

Gypsy Soul Trio: Close to You

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Artist: Gypsy Soul Trio

Artist: Gypsy Soul Trio
Title: Close to You

The first work: ' My Jazz Vol 1', I had achieved all alone, this time I wanted to involve my colleagues and comrades of Gypsy Soul Trio and Alessia Galeotti . Actually, the idea of ??recording without being able to make corrections ' after recording' disturbed me more but not my friends, so much so that I have worked hard to record both analog and digital ... Then, after scoring two versions of the master, an all-digital ' DDD ' and an all analog 'AAA', we voted unanimously for the AAA that sounds a lot better, more vivid and dynamic, so that we have accepted as part of the audio / music, even the unavoidable smearing music (a few actually .. ) similar to the imperfections of the skin of a great apple organic farming .. And so, in addition to musicians and musical instruments, even the 'machines' become the protagonists of this exciting project.

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