Habib Koité

Habib Koité: Baro

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Artist: Habib Koité

Artist: Habib Koité
Title: Baro

With the support of the rest of the talented members of Bamada, Koité swings from the Cuban-influenced grooves of "Batoumanbe" to the ethereal and entrancing "Sinamaw." The acoustic, unadorned arrangements reflect centuries of Malian tradition, while incorporating subtle Western influences to create songs that appeal to people from all walks of life. Baro even includes a new, Latin-style version of Koité's first hit "Cigarette A Bana," the track that made him a star in West Africa.

1.1 Batoumambe
1.2 Kanawa
1.3 Wari
1.4 Sin Djen Djen
1.5 Cigarette a Bana (The Cigarette Is Finished)
1.6 Woulaba
1.7 Baro
1.8 Sambara
1.9 Roma
1.10 Tere
1.11 Mali Sadio
1.12 Takamba
1.13 Sinama Denw

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