Hail the Villain: Population: Declining

Hail the Villain: Population: Declining
Artist: Hail the Villain
Title: Population: Declining

2010 debut from the Canadian Alt-Rock band. Hail the Villain is a band with big ideas. They aren't satisfied with writing songs, making an album and going out on tour. They want to create an entire Hail the Villain universe that includes not only the music, but a dynamic live show, animated videos, a comic book, a unique interactive website, and maybe even a movie someday. Hail the Villain attack their career with the same hard-nosed approach you'd expect from growing up in Canada's automobile manufacturing town of Oshawa, Ontario. From the moment they finished recording the album, they have been pain-stakingly involved in all creative elements that connect to fans in their vision. Warner.

1.1 Take Back the Fear
1.2 My Reward
1.3 Runaway
1.4 16 Cradles
1.5 Evil Has a Name
1.6 Try Hating the World
1.7 Glad to Be
1.8 Blackout
1.9 Pyro
1.10 Mission Control
1.11 Swan Dive Suicide
1.12 Social Graces

Hail the Villain: Population: Declining

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