Hal Krueger

Hal Krueger: Do It Yourself Thing

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hal Krueger

Title: Do It Yourself Thing
Label: CD Baby

People have said Hal's music is a blend of a few styles but can be best described as "His Own". " I don't try to emulate anyone, I just sing and play what comes natural to me...... from my heart ". His parents always said he was born with music in him. At the young age of four Hal wanted to play guitar but his hand was to small to fit around a guitar neck. They bought him his first guitar when he was six and he started lessons. Within a few months he performed for the first time in front of his first grade class. At ten he began playing the drums too. His music ability was obvious when he went on to high school being chosen to play in the top bands on both instruments in his freshman year. Throughout the years Hal has experienced himself in many aspects of the music business. As he honed his skills as a singer/songwriter he worked as a rodie, guitar tech, recording engineer, producer, and became a respected live sound engineer and worked with many national acts. Hal is very diversified in his writing capabilities. When he began writing, country seemed to come natural to him. Ironically he came from a rock background . Growing up his parents were avid country music listeners and it was obvious it had become engrained in him. The influences of both genre's is heard in some of his music. His first opportunity as a songwriter came when he wrote the theme music entitled "Spirit Storm" a guitar instrumental for the "Joe Who Show" on a major radio station in Chicago. He then went on to enter the "Colgate Country Showdown" and was chosen one of the top ten for the Chicago area with his own original music in 2001 and 2004. When he was ready to record his debut CD, his long time friend and world acclaimed guitar virtuoso Dave Uhrich offered to lend his support. Dave co-produced the CD and was a musician on it as well. On a couple of the tracks his friend Ted Aliotta known for his song "Lake Shore Drive' played harmonica. Needless to say the CD started catching ears. Song writing superstar and Grammy winner Jim Peterik of The Ides Of March and Survivor said "In this world of pre-fab acts and manufactured emotion it was nice to hear the genuine article" . Hal is someone to watch for. He plans on making his mark in the music business. His songs tell stories that people can relate to. He has the ability to bring emotion to his audience. You'll find yourself moving to the beat of his song "DO IT YOURSELF THING" and your eyes welling up with "CAN'T BELIEVE"(THEY'RE GONE) a song he wrote about his late parents. This combined with his vocal ability will leave you wanting to hear more.

1.1 I Found You
1.2 Do It Yourself Thing
1.3 No Sad Goodbyes
1.4 Can't Believe (They're Gone)
1.5 Dancin' Into My Heart
1.6 Paper Trail of Love
1.7 Your Touch
1.8 Hope There Is a Heaven
1.9 The Love Rodeo
1.10 There'e More to Life
1.11 Your Eyes
1.12 Stories

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