Halalujah: Ameracala

Halalujah: Ameracala
Title: Ameracala
Label: CD Baby

The Biography of Halalujah MusiC Born into this world during the convulsion of change that the late 60's produced inside Babylon L.D. 100 years after his people's foretold enslavement,Lujah Diggs shed his spiritual skin for that of mans. Lujah was born reared in the warmth of his Native American Ancestor's homeland;Talladega,Alabama. Being Hebrew and Creek,Lujah would learn that this place he was called too would never replace his spiritual home. For him,this was a cold place. Spending only his toddler years in the south,he was moved too California. Known throughout the world as Los Angles (City of Angels),he took to this new landscape full of all the uncertainty a young country-boy would. Growing up in the Mircle Mile,Lujah found himself gravitating towards the trappings of modren Babylon;Tribal War,and the Distribution of man made addictions. This is but a small window into the source of integrity and struggle that shapes and molds all three of the 'Halalujah'CD's. Passion, power, and determination all dwell inside the craft of Lujah's music. Studying from 'Jah-Elder's' B.Marley,C.Mayfield,and the Afrikan Rebel Fela-Kuti. From out of this classroom 'Halalujah-MUSIC' joins the long list of social redemption artist's throughout Jahworld. Though he is one of millions,Lujah's song-writting and production skill,scream-out as if he was one of the last one's left! See my friend's, many shall hear,yet only a few will be chosen. So if you have the ears that hear positive-vibrations,no more words need be added......Lujah Diggs.. 'JAH STRUGGLE CONTINUES.' 1Love2All Kind.....

1.1 Searchin
1.2 Ameracala
1.3 One Day
1.4 Rize
1.5 Tearz
1.6 Astray
1.7 U-Lied

Halalujah: Ameracala

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