Haley Bonar

Haley Bonar: Last War

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Product Type: CASSETTES
Artist: Haley Bonar

Artist: Haley Bonar
Title: Last War
Product Type: CASSETTES

Haley Bonar had already recorded an album as a teenager before leaving Rapid City, SD for Duluth, MN-where she immediately recorded again. Alan Sparhawk heard her at a local Iron Range club one night and a week later, she was transformed from a college student to an ambitious dropout with her guitar and a drummer crammed into a Honda Civic opening for Low. She was nineteen years old. That's a story already. But-there is more to this story. In the last decade, Haley has released eight more recordings to critical acclaim and mounting success: lots of touring, playing festivals, capturing awards and artist grants, inventive video productions, placing song tracks on prime TV shows and popular film, appearing on myriad Best-Of lists while continuing to write and perform locally. Oh... and she also had a baby in there somewhere.

1.1 Kill the Fun
1.2 No Sensitive Man
1.3 Last War
1.4 Heaven's Made for Two
1.5 Bad Reputation
1.6 From a Cage
1.7 Woke Up in My Future
1.8 Can't Believe Our Luck
1.9 Eat for Free

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