Halford: Vol. 1-Metal God Essentials

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Artist: Halford

Artist: Halford
Title: Vol. 1-Metal God Essentials

As the singer of Judas Priest, Rob Halford's often-copied vocal style became a crucial ingredient to Heavy Metal's most classic moments; whilevisually, Halford's aggressively styled stage costumes were globally embraced as the definitive Rock and Metal look. There are plenty of reasonswhy Rob Halford is widely referred to as 'The Metal God,' as few others have contributed as much to the sound and imagery of what is now a veryrobust Metal music community. After leading Judas Priest for twenty years, Rob departed the band in 1992 but continued churning out pure metal with the release of 'Light Comes Out of Black' supported by members of Pantera. By summer 1992 Rob formed Fight, a group that saw Halford team up with Judas Priest bandmate, Scott Travis (drums), as well as newcomers Russ Parrish (guitar), Brian Tilse (guitar, keyboards) and Jay Jay (bass). Over the course of three hard-hitting releases - 'War of Words', 'Mutations' and 'A Small Deadly Space' - Halford and company debuted a lean power-metal sound which influenced millions of today's Metal fans and musicians. By 1997 the Metal God became intrigued by the hardindustrial sounds of bands like Nine Inch Nails. The intrigue was reflected in Rob's 1998 band '2wo' which also featured future Marilyn Manson guitarist John Lowery. Knowing the new industrial sound was not his true calling: Rob's desire for Heavy Metal soon returned. Rob's next band would form during summer 1999 consisting of Metal Mike Chlasciak (guitars), Pat Lachman (guitars), Ray Riendeau (bass) and Bobby Jarzombek (drums). The band would choose a long-renowned name in the Metal world 'Halford' and would select Producer Roy Z, for it's 2000 release 'Resurrection.' Two more Halford releases followed in quick succession, 2001's 2 CD concert set 'Live Insurrection;' as well as 'Crucible', a new collection of cutting edge Halford songs. November 2006 saw Rob Halford launch his own label, music and film production company 'Metal God Entertainment'. The company immediately re-released six Rob Halford solo recordings featuring unreleased demos and bonus tracks. Summer2007 brings the physical release of Halford - Metal God Essentials - Volume 1; rob's first Greatest Hits package of his solo career. Thirteen dynamic tracks from Rob's Fight and Halford solo releases have been remastered and presented with the Halford band's first new songs in more than four years: 'Forgotten Generation' and 'Drop Out'.

1.1 Ressurrection (Disc 01)
1.2 Made in Hell
1.3 Screaming in the Dark
1.4 Golgotha
1.5 Silent Screams - 1999 Demo
1.6 Crystal
1.7 Into the Pit
1.8 Nailed to the Gun
1.9 Slow Down
1.10 Locked and Loaded
1.11 Forgotten Generation
1.12 Drop Out
1.13 War of Words
1.14 Sun
1.15 Trail of Tears
1.16 Vendetta Mix
1.17 Resuration Behid the Scenes (Disc 02 DVD)
1.18 Live Insurrection Behind the Scenes
1.19 Made in Hell
1.20 Betrayal
1.21 In the Morning
1.22 Silent Screams
1.23 Never Satisfied
1.24 Forgotten Generation

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