Hammerforce: Access Denied

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hammerforce

Title: Access Denied
Label: CD Baby

Hammerforce's music is unconventional mixture of solid guitar riffs, impressive Electro/Trance synths, high-pitched Heavy Metal vocals and sudden Progressive interludes, all performed and recorded on the highest production level. New album 'Access Denied' is definitely breakthrough and brings the band to new horizons! It can proudly stand in one row with albums of grand Metal bands! You will be even more surprised by the fact that no famous studios or producers were involved in the process of recording of the new album. From reviews: 'Very fresh take on Power Metal. Maybe even a modern Helloween, it's that high quality. Very crispy production, amazing riffs, awesome keyboard elements, vocals are catchy. These guys have managed to craft an original and innovative blend of metal genres no one else has really done yet!' 'My mind automatically thinks Dream Theater. Some amazing synth work as I listen to it is played with as much talent as the guitar work and they compliment each other very well. Vocals are hitting great highs almost reminiscent of Rob Halford style, drums are fast and accurate with a high levels of detail to compliment every note been played by the other instruments.' Well, we don't need many promotional words here. It speaks for itself. Just listen and be convinced now!

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