Hank Von Hell

Hank Von Hell: Dead

$30.09 $34.99
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Hank Von Hell

Title: Dead
Label: Sony Uk
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release, the second album from the former Turbonegro frontman. Larger than life. Totally outta control forever and ever. Once again here to shake your ass, the true master of raucous rock and sexual shock. The infamous Norwegian who partied not to have fun, but in order to create destruction and havoc. Two years ago, the legendary and former frontman of the denim demons Turbonegro was back for real with his solo debut Egomania, a record that immediately satisfied the needs of his rabid fanbase who had waited eight long and lonesome years for this punk icon to return from the world of films, musicals, cookbooks and the rest. And, guess what, now the reinvented Hank Von Hell has an even stronger follow-up and it's stocked with all the action, danger, debauchery, hooks and riffs you'd craved for, a large and swaggering sound designed to penetrate us all. The title is Dead, and as the title indicates the album represents an even darker side of Hank Von Hell than the one that we have learned to love.

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