Hans Mayer

Hans Mayer: Star of the Swing Set

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Artist: Hans Mayer

Artist: Hans Mayer
Title: Star of the Swing Set

The everyday life of preschoolers - from learning their ABCs to telling their first knock-knock jokes are chronicled in this musical playground journey. A new ABC song as well as a new counting song - give you and your kids a break from the old standards while they supply some great tunes to help with the learning process. Hans also covers tree climbing, helping mom, sharing, do's and don'ts, and playing peek-a-boo. Hans accompanies himself on guitar, mandolin, bass, and Native American flute.

1.1 Wiggle Worm
1.2 Abcs
1.3 Parts of You and Me
1.4 Knock Knock
1.5 Mama's Little Helper
1.6 Peek-A-Boo
1.7 The Other Side
1.8 Tree Climbing
1.9 The Counting Song
1.10 Playground
1.11 I'll Share with You
1.12 Wild Things
1.13 Halloween
1.14 Do's and Don'ts

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