Hap Hathaway

Hap Hathaway: Agronomy...A Study in Cultural Practices

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Artist: Hap Hathaway

Artist: Hap Hathaway
Title: Agronomy...A Study in Cultural Practices

First off, let it be understood the 100% of profits from all albums sales goes directly into investment and savings for the education of hap's children. This is for the kids, quite literally, so help mr. Hathaway help his progeny to help our species to evolve. Hap Hathaway has been producing hiphop music and studying agricultural sciences for over a decade. He has degrees in agriculture science and business and is a member of revolutionary hiphop crews such as the resonators and resist arrest. With this album, hap attempts to clarify the connections betweeen who grows our food, how it is grown, and how it affects the human world. Our culture reflects the state of our being and the state of our being is built on the food we eat. Choose well and support independent music.

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