Happy Go Lovely

Happy Go Lovely: Tidal Waves & Hollow Graves

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Artist: Happy Go Lovely

Artist: Happy Go Lovely
Title: Tidal Waves & Hollow Graves

Believing in love, not luck, happygolovely never takes a 'happy go lucky' approach when it comes to writing passionate and influential songs, while still not taking themselves too seriously. With the mentality that every show is the biggest stage and every crowd is the largest crowd, happyGolovely continues to build live shows with the vigor, creativity, and scale to fill an arena. As time passes hGl pushes the envelope by endlessly questioning everything the world has to offer, seeking the love and the truth in a world full of false profits and dilapidated faith, both in God and humanity. Featuring songs that span a variety of genre's, hGl is able to bridge gaps and connect with fans everywhere. Wishing to break down barriers that typically separate performers from an audience, hGl always takes time to talk to and answer questions from their friends and fans. Honest and straightforward lyrics and songs encourage fans to both dance and move with freedom but also find a deeper truth and love in their lives. On September 5, 2009 happygolovely won the Talent Search at Lifelight Festival in Sioux Falls, SD in front of a huge crowd and earned a trip to Nashville for a showcase for Word/Warner Bros Records With one of the most energetic live shows in the Midwest, emotive music, and the creativity to bring the audience into every song, happyGolovely's soaring pop melodies and inspired lyrics redefine.

1.1 London Fog
1.2 Fear Control
1.3 Lose It All
1.4 Re-Invent Your Name
1.5 Lift It Up
1.6 44
1.7 The Fight Is on!
1.8 Waiting
1.9 Lead You Home
1.10 Run (Love Will Find a Way)
1.11 Restore Us

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