Hard-Fi: Stars of CCTV

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hard-Fi

Title: Stars of CCTV
Label: Atlantic UK

Stars of CCTV is the debut album from Surrey-based Indie rockers Hard-Fi. Fusing together a host of influences, including Happy Mondays-esque baggy, sun kissed Ibizan grooves and even classic two-tone ska, Hard-Fi have crafted an album that buzzes with raw energy and enthusiasm, celebrating the best of British pop culture. Includes the singles 'Cash Machine', 'Tied Up Too Tight' and 'Hard to Beat'. Warner. 2005.

1.1 Cash Machine
1.2 Middle Eastern Holiday
1.3 Tied Up Too Tight
1.4 Gotta Reason
1.5 Hard to Beat
1.6 Unnecessary Trouble
1.7 Move on Now
1.8 Better Do Better
1.9 Feltham Is Singing Out
1.10 Living for the Weekend
1.11 Stars of CCTV

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