Hardtackers: Dont Forget Your Old Shipmates

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hardtackers

Title: Dont Forget Your Old Shipmates
Label: CD Baby

The Hardtackers are the official shanty crew for the Santa Maria replica and museum in Columbus, Ohio. In this, their second album, they offer a splendid selection of a capella shanties, spanning the period from the Eighteenth Century to the Present. Sometimes they are rowdy and bombastic, sometimes pensive and melancholy, and sometimes downright silly--but always entertaining and they always tell a good story.

1.1 Whiskey Johnny
1.2 Sailor's Prayer
1.3 Heart of Oak
1.4 Alabama John Cherokee
1.5 Sally Brown
1.6 Lindy Lowe
1.7 Eternal Father, Strong to Save
1.8 The Topman and the Afterguard
1.9 Don't Forget Your Old Shipmates
1.10 Auckland to the Bluff
1.11 The Rosabella
1.12 Cornish Leaving Shanty
1.13 Barrett's Privateers
1.14 The Eddystone Light
1.15 Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal
1.16 Bring 'Em Down
1.17 Dramamine
1.18 Congo River
1.19 The E-Ri-Ee Was A'risin'
1.20 Tommy's Gone to Hilo
1.21 The Bonny Ship the Diamond

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