Harlequin Jones

Harlequin Jones: Bad Beginning

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Harlequin Jones

Title: Bad Beginning
Label: CD Baby

Harlequin Jones' EP 'The Bad Beginning' almost never happened. After posting demos of the songs online to fans, the songs successfully gained popularity and acclaim. However, Harlequin Jones struggled to release the final versions due to everything from mental sickness to financial problems. After much blood, sweat, and tears, The Bad Beginning has been released in 2011 after a long overdue wait. With dark pop hits like 'Carve That Crap' and 'Worried Ugly,' Harlequin Jones redefine the term 'pop' as brutal and aggressive but with sickly sweet catchy melodies and rhythms. The album has a thick, full sound with a crisp quality thanks to hard hitting booming drums, percussive piano, and Amanda von Loons rich, lush, deep vocals. Jesse Arcadio's drumming pounds loud and clear as it accompanies the dirty bass he also features on the album. Amanda von Loon's singing powers through songs along with her rhythmic piano playing. Harlequin Jones are a force to be reckoned with no matter what hardships in life are thrown at them. As this album proves, the songs are timeless and will continue to play in our brains for the long haul.

1.1 Carve That Crap
1.2 Unsought
1.3 Worried Ugly
1.4 Will O' the Wisp
1.5 The Epic Song
1.6 Bold As Brass

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