Harnol Slin

Harnol Slin: Meatballs in & on the Pond & Beyond

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Artist: Harnol Slin

Artist: Harnol Slin
Title: Meatballs in & on the Pond & Beyond

Solo artists Harnol Slin and Uzi Royal (also Skelton-Luns members) team up and deliver an album that escapes to their lighter sides. The Usual cynicism and sarcastic nature of Harnol Slin's writing and the genuine heartfelt disclosure of Uzi Royal, though underlying and present, give way to a more playful sound on this departure into the "Beyond".

1.1 Dance with You
1.2 Drug Bust
1.3 Job Brigade
1.4 Nightsoaked
1.5 It's Fuckin' Badass!!!
1.6 Mr. T Starter Kit
1.7 The Machine Is Wrong
1.8 Ducks on the Pond
1.9 Meatballs and Beyond

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