Harold Budd: Little Windows

Harold Budd & Clive Wright: Little Windows
Title: Little Windows
Label: Darla Records

2010 release from Harold Budd and Clive Wright. Little Windows completes the trilogy begun with a Song for Lost Blossoms and carried through their previous album Candylion. Little Windows was recorded especially for John Diliberto's popular, syndicated Ambient music radio show, Echoes Radio. These recordings were first heard on Echoes Radio in Fall 2009. Little Windows showcases these artist's individual talents more so than their two previous albums. Only two of the nine tracks are collaborative Budd/Wright works. Four tracks are fully fleshed out Clive Wright solo compositions recorded at his Desert Sky Studio. Three tracks are Harold Budd solo at the piano - just Harold with a beautiful sounding piano in a beautiful sounding room at Knobworld Studios, Silverlake.

1.1 Plumade
1.2 Prelucid
1.3 Procession of Moons
1.4 Queen of Cydonia
1.5 Numismatic
1.6 Drifting Cities
1.7 Tong War
1.8 Sweet Earth Flying
1.9 Damask, Then

Harold Budd: Little Windows

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