Harold Budd

Harold Budd: In the Mist

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Harold Budd

Artist: Harold Budd
Title: In the Mist
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition vinyl LP pressing of this 2011 album including a download coupon. In the Mist is the artist purely distilled. It is the music of Harold Budd at it's most raw, emotive and minimalist. In addition, Harold is writing for string quartet.

1.1 Haru Spring
1.2 The Whispers
1.3 The Startled
1.4 The Foundry [For Mika Vainio]
1.5 The Art of Mirrors [After Derek Jarman]
1.6 Three-Fingered Jack
1.7 Greek George
1.8 Black Bart
1.9 Come Back to Me in Dreams
1.10 Parallel Night
1.11 Sun at 6 Windows
1.12 The Panther of Small Favors
1.13 Mars and the Artist [After Cy Twombly]

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