Harold Budd: Jane 12-21

Harold Budd: Jane 12-21
Title: Jane 12-21
Label: Darla Records

JANE 12-21 is the companion to JANE 1-11. Minimal, modern classical piano and avant-garde electronics by the master. 'It's simple. I broke out and broke back to my earlier days: A triangle of risk, improvisation and joy - as I say, very simple. My rules to myself were: No plan, no notes, no ideas, no microphones; except for Jane 1 I stuck to it. My other rule - the most important one - was: At least one piece per day, finished, mixed and not to be revisited again. Jane 7, 8, 9 were done in one day, Brad Ellis was my guide through this: An untiring day, ready to go again. To quote a letter to me from Mark Tobey: 'It fell off the edge of my brush.' - Harold Budd.

1.1 Jane 12
1.2 Jane 13
1.3 Jane 14
1.4 Jane 15
1.5 Jane 16 (For Pale Saints)
1.6 Jane 17
1.7 Jane 18
1.8 Jane 19
1.9 Jane 20
1.10 Jane 21

Harold Budd: Jane 12-21

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