Harry McClintock: Haywire Mac

Harry McClintock: Haywire Mac
Title: Haywire Mac
Label: Folkways Records

Harry "Haywire Mac" McClintock (1882-1957) was a man of many colors. In addition to serving in the Philippines as a civilian in the military during the Spanish-American War, he worked on the railroad, as a cowboy, stevedore, and as a union organizer with the "Wobblies" (Industrial Workers of the World). in the 1920s he got his start in radio. Sam Eskin, folk singer and folk song collector of renown, made these recordings of Haywire Mac in 1953. In addition to Haywire Mac's singing, some tracks include brief snippets of Eskin interviewing Haywire Mac. Liner notes provide biographical information for both Haywire Mac and Sam Eskin.

1.1 Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
1.2 The Big Rock Candy Mountain
1.3 Long Haired Preachers (Preacher and the Slave)
1.4 Casey Jones (The Union Scab)
1.5 Anecdote on Joe Hill
1.6 Marcus Daly Enters Heaven
1.7 Subic
1.8 Casey Jones (The Union Scab)
1.9 Jordan Am a Hard Road to Travel
1.10 Poor Boy
1.11 Paddy Clancy
1.12 Utah Carl
1.13 Uncle Jim's Rebel Soldier
1.14 Anecdote on Pete Wells, Canal Boat Fireman

Harry McClintock: Haywire Mac

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