Hartely White C. Project

Hartely White C. Project: Under the Radar

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Artist: Hartely White C. Project
Title: Under the Radar

The Album 'Under The Radar' is a concept album with 24 separate and connecting pieces. The concept is subjective as the listener decides. There are no musical rules here, no box, as each song structure is a pattern to itself, and yet a part of the whole. There are poems 'This is Not What You Expect', anthem songs, 'Under The Radar', 'No Pressure',Let The Music Rock', Instrumentals, 'It's Gone', love songs 'I Believe in You','So Much and More' 'Where Is Cynthia' and songs that take you out of yourself 'Ebony Spaces In The Heart', and just when you thought you figured it out, the next selection proves you wrong. Sylvie Walder appears as a special guest artist (acoutic piano) on 'Ebony Spaces In The Heart and The regular personnel features Vinny Giannettino on Lead Guitars and Fxs, Larry McDonald (a veteran sideman from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Gil Scott Heron, Taj Mahal, Monty Alexander, among others) on Percussions and Hand Drums, Tom Smith (veteran New York session man) on Saxophones, Angelita Rodriguez-Finn on Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitar and percussion, and me. I thought of some the best albums i've ever heard like the Beatles 'White Album','Revolver','Abbey Road'',Sgt. Pepper', Miles Davis 'Bitches Brew', Sly and The Family Stone 'Stand' among others, and tried to make 'Under The Radar' better. A detailed listing and comments are in the booklet that comes with the CD.

1.1 This Is Not What You Expect (Poem)
1.2 Technical Difficulties (Instrumental)
1.3 Under the Radar
1.4 No Pressure (Remix)
1.5 Let the Music Rock
1.6 Live, Live, Live
1.7 Against All Odds
1.8 What Right?
1.9 It's Almost Gone
1.10 It's Gone (Instrumental)
1.11 Beyond (Poem)
1.12 Everything Changes (Poem)
1.13 Ebony Spaces in the Heart
1.14 That Young Love of Mine
1.15 Where Is Cynthia?
1.16 Lost Oasis (Instrumental)
1.17 The Bicycle Lady
1.18 I Believe in You (Angie)
1.19 I Believe in You (Hartley)
1.20 So Much and More
1.21 Get It Right the Next Time
1.22 Free for All (Instrumental)
1.23 More Technical Difficulties (Instrumental)
1.24 The Answer Man (Excerpt)

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