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Harvest Sound: Zadok Worship Series 3: Come Up Here

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Artist: Harvest Sound

Artist: Harvest Sound
Title: Zadok Worship Series 3: Come Up Here

Live, spontaneous recordings derived from Friday Zadok worship nights at the Foundry in Nashville, TN. The Zadok Worship Series is made up of 'Incandescent Bride,' 'Come to Jesus,' 'Come Up Here,' and 'Take Us Up.' In the Bible, Zadok, whose name means righteous, first appears as a brave young warrior, and he evolves into a high priest and a 'seer' (a prophet). Zadok set an uncompromising standard of loyalty as he remained faithful to King David when most of Israel had gone astray. Similarly, the Lord is preparing a prophetic priesthood to arise in our day, ones who will courageously remain faithful to the one True King - at any cost. They are the Sons of Zadok (see Ezekiel 44), a peculiar people who are devoted to purity, worship and prayer, and who hold unswervingly to God's standard of truth and justice in the midst of great compromise. The Sons of Zadok were commissioned to 'Teach My people the difference between the holy and the common, and cause them to discern betwen the unclean and the clean.' (Ezekiel 44:23) Our desire is to carry on this legacy of uncompromising faithfulness to the Lord. These songs were primarily recorded the last two Friday nights of August 2005 in Nashville, TN, in a historic warehouse called The Foundry. You will notice that this worship experience is noted as 'spontaneous song' or what we sometimes call 'Spirit Music.' This is music of the Spirit for the spirit. Spirit music is very 'live' as we corporately try to catch the flow of the Holy Spirit for that night. When we are able to step into the movement of the Spirit the Lord begins to play through His people as instruments, and the Holy Spirit begins to sing whatever is on His heart. He begins to improvise through yielded worshipers; He is free to initiate His message, His melodies, sounds and rhythms. These are indeed exhilarating experiences that leave us filled with the Spirit and in awe of the goodness of God and the glory of our Savior. Spontaneous songs of the Spirit are many times just for the moment...and at times the Lord allows us to document them to be shared with others. This CD is one of those times. It captures the essence of the spiritual journey that we experienced through the vehicle of worship. It is our desire, and we believe the Lord's heart, for you to be able to jump right in and experience a journey in the Spirit through these recordings. Testimonials "My husband and I love to go into our prayer room and prepare our hearts as we listen to the Zadok CD's before we pray. We incorporate the words and Scripture from the CD's in our prayers to the Lord, sometimes just sitting and soaking in the Presence of the Lord. Thank you so much for your Spirit-led music. You don't know how much it has changed my husband and I." --Sherry, Michigan.

1.1 Hallelujah
1.2 Beautiful One
1.3 Come Up Here
1.4 Surround Me
1.5 Set Free My Heart
1.6 How You Love Us

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