Hasse Poulsen Sound of Choice

Hasse Poulsen Sound of Choice: Hippies with Money

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Artist: Hasse Poulsen Sound of Choice
Title: Hippies with Money

Sometimes you do things for the pleasure of doing them, just like that, without ideas about it leading anywhere or bringing profit or strengthening a position. You do it because it makes you feel good. This record is pure pleasure to me. With the Sound of Choice it is the 7th record we release, so there is no question anymore about defining the band. It is just a band. Like thousands of other bands: we like to play together, we like to play concerts together and to travel together. This collection of tunes can be seen as a collection of songs. I wrote all the tunes, some of them directly for this group, others just to pen an idea. Many of these tunes are written in order to understand some aspects of the music of friends, colleagues and peers. To me - listening - there is a strong retrospective and sometimes even a melancholy atmosphere to the tunes. These tunes is a way of thinking back on all the joy we had 15-20 years ago going to the Club Montmartre in Copenhagen, listening to the old masters of Jazz as well as the young heroes of the day, and imagining what our own music would sound like some day. It was really great. Pure pleasure. Of course reminiscences like that are completely mixed up with what is going on now, the music we hear around us now, the way we think of our friends and our beloved. Most of the music was recorded during a couple of days in Maikols miniature studio in Bagnolet, except the long improvisation that was recorded live at the great club Carré Bleu in Poitiers, and I re-recorded a few acoustic guitars at home to enhance a couple of the tunes. The tune John Scofield is of course a dedication to the trio of this great musician, a trio that had an enormous impact on everyone that heard it. 2+2=7 is a reference to one our favorite pop groups. Ballade to Xavier is a dedication to the late friend Xavier Mathyssens, it wasn't written for him, but he heard the premiere of the tune and liked it, so this is one way to remember him. Sleepy Man is a dedication to that king of Nordic jazz known as Keith Jarrett. Old Hip is dedicated to Jim Hall, his wife and friends as met in the Village Vanguard in November 2006. Seeing these old well dressed people I couldn't help imagining their lives: living in Greenwich Village in the fifties, sixties, seventies....and being part of this fantastic town when it was the creative center of the world. Imagine that! Optimisme is a friendly dedication to Christian Wallumrød. Socabilly I have to admit that I have always loved Chuck Berry's music, It has taken many years to find out how to integrate his very direct and swinging music into a setting of more abstract jazz. Claudia always seems to be there. The other tunes do not have so direct inspirations, but seem to fit here anyway. This is music I like, music that we like. It certainly is not a record that will change history or bring peace, prosperity and democracy to the world, IT won't fill our pockets with gold either, but we really enjoy this music and so, I hope, will you. Hasse Poulsen.

1.1 Socabilly
1.2 John Scofield
1.3 Claudia in Front of Her Mirror
1.4 Mord I Nord
1.5 Bye Bye BÉBÉ
1.6 Spring Fashion 2011
1.7 Sleepy Man
1.8 Optimisme / Cadenza
1.9 2X2=7
1.10 Old Hip
1.11 Downtown Tribe
1.12 Ballade Pour Xavier

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