Haumoana: Land of Kings

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Haumoana

Title: Land of Kings
Label: CD Baby

Haumoana was born under the name of (Ioan Haumoana Pakarati Hotu) in the magical island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) 'the navel of the world', surrounded by hundreds of miles of ocean, about 3,000 km from the nearest continent. Rapa Nui the most isolated inhabited place on the planet. It is a small island in the middle of the ocean with a population of about 5000 people. But this has not prevented Haumoana from traveling the world and achieving his studies and education abroad. Haumoana was raised by his grandmother Maria Hey Paoa. As he says, 'She gave me drive and inspiration in my life.' At the age of twelve he began playing the guitar. Being left handed brought some complications and so he was taught to play with his right hand. Later, he secretly changed the strings of his guitar and played with his left hand because it was more natural to him. Today he is one of the few musicians in the world who plays the guitar with the strings upside down, like guitarists Coco Montoya and Jimmy Hendrix. Music is a big part of the culture in Rapa Nui. Haumoana is one of the many local musicians who carries this message in his blood and is one of the few who has left the island to persue his carrer as a musician and share his music with the world. His uncle Kio Teao (RIP) was a huge inspiration in Haumoana's life, a local music legend, a hero in the ocean, and a master of his own culture. His songs are based on experiences of everyday life, he likes to keep the Rapa Nui culture alive in his music. Since leaving Rapa Nui and travelling the world his music has developed in many directions. Haumoana creates musical compositions in English, Spanish and his local Rapa Nui language. He plays a mixture of musical genres such as Reggae, Acoustic, Soul and lately he has been mixing in some Electronic beats and his music is now being played at dance parties throught the Pacific islands. He is always exploring different musical styles and trying to blend his cultural roots with music throughout the world. At 16 he recorded his first album called 'Moana' with songs written in his native language. In January 2012 he recorded his new album 'Land Of Kings' 'Henua o Te Ariki ' In Los Angeles California at the Music Center Studios. He recorded in the studio of the renowned producer Erich Bulling. "Land of Kings " was recorded with renowned musicians like guitarist James Harrah who played with Madonna. He also recorded with world reknown percussionist Walter Rodriguez and the master bassist Renee Camacho who has played with Windy Winston, Celine Dion and many more. This album tells stories of his connection with the Polynesian people and his apprecitation of his own culture. It talks about love, hearbreak and the importance of culture. Haumoana dreams of preserving the culture, language and lifestyle in Rapa Nui for future generations. From an early age Haumoana has had a deep passion for the sea and love of nature. This love is a reflected in his name Haumoana which means the "blue race' or "people from the ocean'. Haumoana grew up surfing the powerful waves of Rapa Nui. He has won numerous surfing contests on the island. 'I feel a huge connection to music and surfing, both give me huge inspiration. In my head I'm always surfing and creating new music.' Haumoana has also travelled extensively outside of Rapa Nui. He has spent time in Germany, U.S., Hawaii, Chile and Tahiti. His travels have exposed him to new cultures and allowed him to gain musical influences outside of the small island where he grew up. Haumoana's heart will always belong to his beloved island Rapa Nui, The land of Hotu Matu 'a, but he is excited to travel and share his music with the world knowing that his home will always be there for him.

1.1 Land of Kings
1.2 Hold Me
1.3 Island Princess
1.4 My Butterfly
1.5 Island Warrior
1.6 Natural Beauty
1.7 True Inspiration
1.8 Desde Chico
1.9 Hawaii / Tahiti / Rapa Nui
1.10 Lonely
1.11 Walking in Panama
1.12 Intro L.O.K

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