Haunt Night

Haunt Night: Dead Fred's Haunting Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Haunt Night

Title: Dead Fred's Haunting Music
Label: CD Baby

This collection of eerily orchestrated songs, music and sounds effects will add drama and realism to your haunted attraction or porch-light Halloween scene. Sound themes include: * cemetery at midnight * haunted forest * dungeon of horrors * laboratory of a mad scientist * house of evil The music is all original, and written, performed and produced to match the quality and effectiveness of a horror movie soundtrack. From the album: Dead Fred assembled his best tracks of sonic darkness, created to satisfy the nocturnal creature in you. He chopped them into 2 grisly groups: 6 dark songs destined to shadow you with Gothic mood, followed by 5 tracks of intense sounds and effects set to a chilling musical backdrop. Prepare to awaken your haunting demons.

1.1 Freak Show
1.2 Midnight
1.3 Monster Creation
1.4 Dark Abyss
1.5 Surrounded By Night
1.6 Omen of the Dead
1.7 Dungeon
1.8 Night Attack
1.9 Laboratory Creature
1.10 House of Evil
1.11 Cemetery Bones

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